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Our mission is to identify opportunities within the evolving mobility space and develop solutions with end users and the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Vision

Building the Systems for Future Mobility

At Oresq, we’re looking for ways to make journeys easier, save energy and drive the evolution of renewable powered vehicles. With partners in both the physical deployment and digital development spaces, we are well placed to create solutions for the future of passenger transport.

About Us

Renewable Energies

We are actively building solutions in the renewable energy space. Ensuring renewable power is widely available and easy to use is key to our aims.

We Understand Systems

We get interoperability. Our partners have more than two decades building and integrating systems from ecommerce to banking.

In House Development

We develop new solutions and platform integrations. Our agile approach means we can move quickly to keep pace with the sector.

Evolving Mobility

Travel and transport is changing. We work to bring solutions that harness current and future technologies to make mobility easier.

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Technology & energy that enable new means of travel

We build businesses and systems that respond to a changing world. Looking for a partner in the renewable mobility space? Talk to us.

Our Partners

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